Shrink Sleeve label technology

Shrink Sleeve label technology

Shrink Sleeve is one of the most efficient and cost-effective technologies to meet the needs of various industries including food, hygiene and cosmetic. Using this technology and unique design associated with advanced printing technology-Rotogravure, fulfils entire customer needs.


Shrink Sleeve application

One of the most important challenges which manufacturers and retailers of food, hygienic and cosmetics faced to is product repackaging and rebranding. Manufacturers are always looking for a solution to this problem.

By application of Shrink Sleeve technology in the forms of full-body or cap­-seal, product manufacturer will be able to protect their product and reputation. This technology can guarantee the originality and reliability of your product.

Pasargad Polymer offers the highest level of quality, precision and flexibility in the packaging of your products by using Shrink Sleeve technology. With a 360 degree design, even for the unconventional and special containers, the punctilious customer satisfaction is also ensured.

Pasargad Polymer is always enthusiastic and patience in the innovative use of this technology to enhance the quality of your product packaging.

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